Get To Know What Not to Do During Two-Week Wait after IUI

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The two-week wait after IUI is a struggle or better yet the most dreaded thing in the world(at least for me). For those of you who had undergone fertility treatments, you know how hard and stressful the two-week wait is.

It is the longest two weeks of your life-from ovulation to the pregnancy test. It can drive you crazy.

With the two week wait of my first IUI, I did not have any plan on how to deal with the anxiety of wanting to know if it was successful or not. So every day was a struggle.

Unfortunately, my first IUI was unsuccessful but we tried again. I am now on my second cycle. This time, I now know what not to do and not make the same mistakes again.

So, what not to do during two-week wait after IUI?

Limit people you tell about your IUI.

This was the worst thing I did during the process. I told a handful of friends and family regarding the procedure. When I got the negative result, I had to tell each and every one of them because they were asking.  It was hard sharing bad news over and over again.

Do not go against medical advice.

My doctor advised me not to lift >15 lbs. But given my profession, I couldn’t help it. I got cramps after lifting. Although they are minor cramps, who knows what’s going on there.

Do not symptom spot.

That was one of the biggest mistakes I did during my two-week wait. I was constantly on the internet comparing my symptoms with other moms out there. For every symptom that I have, I looked it up if it is a sign that I am pregnant.

Do not do vigorous exercises.

If you were not active before starting the procedure then there is no reason for you to be doing high-intensity exercises during the two week period. You don’t want to mess with implantation.

Do not eat raw food.

Although it is still early to observe this precaution, it wouldn’t hurt. You want to make sure you are not contaminating any developing embryo. I craved for sushi during my TTW but I made sure I had the cooked sushi.

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Do not set high expectations.

Expecting a lot during this time will cause greater heartbreak if the result is not what you were expecting. I was so excited during my first IUI to the point that I was already thinking of baby names and outfits.

There is nothing wrong with being positive but also keep in mind that IUI’s success rate is only 10-12%.

Although you only have a low chance of getting pregnant with IUI,

you still have to treat yourself as if you're pregnant during this stressful two-week wait. Who knows, you will be one of the fewClick To Tweet.

Now on to you, what are the things you shouldn’t have done during your two-week wait? What can you add on what not to do during two-week wait after IUI?

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Any thoughts?