Four Simple Tips To Clean the Floor of Your House

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Simple Ways to Clean the floor of your house

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Discovering the best way to clean the floor tiles is often a trial and error process. Although, cleaning floor tiles is often viewed as a tedious, time-consuming task – cleaning tile floors is not unlike cleaning other kinds of flooring (laminate flooring, hardwood floors, etc.). A tile floor will take approximately the same amount of time to clean as a floor made out of a different material if you do it the best way.

Floor tiles are available in several different materials. Each type of floor tile requires a slightly different cleaning method and cleaning materials. This article includes step-by-step procedures and lists of necessary materials/equipment detailing the best way to clean the floor tile.

Use Mop or Brush

Depending on the type of floor being cleaned, you will use different cleaning materials. You will want to avoid using products or tools that are abrasive, so you do not scratch the tile surface. Typically, a soft mop or soft-bristle brush, warm water, and the proper cleanser will be the best tools to clean the floor tiles.

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Tile grout

If your tile floor is not glazed, it will likely absorb some of the liquids that are spilled on it. You can determine if the floor is glazed or not by pouring some water on the surface and checking whether or not the tile gets darker. A tile floor with a sealant will be better protected and make for easier cleaning. You might consider sealing the tile grout to prevent spills from staining the tiles and extend the life-expectancy of the tile floor. A spill as simple as grape juice may end up staining your tile floor permanently.

Vacuum Cleaner

Sweeping or vacuuming is typically all that you will need to prepare your floor for cleaning? You want to remove all loose dirt from the surface and areas around the perimeter of the floor. The more often you sweep or vacuum the floor, the easier it will be to clean, and the longer the surface will look new. Sand, dirt and other coarse substances can scratch the tile surface and dull the finish. The best vacuum cleaner reviews have been found on the website.

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Natural Cleaning Products

There are many products available to clean the floor. Some of them are specific to a type of tile, and some are general cleaners. If possible, it is best to use a cleaner that is made specifically for your type of floor tile. These cleaners are typically inexpensive and are almost guaranteed not to damage your tile surface. The cleaners often perform the best because of the special ingredients they are composed of.

While vinegar and ammonia are often suggested as sufficient tile floor cleaners, they may not always be a wise choice. They may damage the tile surface and dull any shine that may be present. It is always best to use a tile cleaner and strictly follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Finally, you want to avoid the common mistakes made of floor tile cleaning. Most importantly, you must always be sure to rinse your floor thoroughly after washing. Leaving excess water can loosen vinyl or linoleum tiles, which may ultimately result in some of the tiles becoming unglued from the floor and lifting at the edges.
Leaving excess water, using too much water, or water that is too hot to a particular surface should also be avoided. Sometimes the grout holding ceramic tiles in place will crack. Liquids can get into these grout cracks and sometimes make their way down to the floor surface. The sub-floor is usually made out of wood, which will begin to swell when moisture is present. This can easily lead to repairing cracked ceramic tiles, more grout cracks, loose ceramic tiles, a warped subfloor, and – worst of all – mold in the sub-floor.

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