The Most Common Cosmetic Products That Might Be Hurting Your Fertility

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How safe are your cosmetic products? Are they helping you or destroying you?

We have covered the environmental toxins that you should avoid when trying to get pregnant. And today we are going to check your beauty products.  We will find out if they are safe for you and not be debilitating to your fertility.

We all apply products on the skin every day to make us look beautiful, but little did we know that the chemicals in these products actually penetrates our skin and go into our blood stream. And some of these products contains harmful chemicals.

In this post, we will go over the cosmetic products and what chemicals they contain which are detrimental to our reproductive system.

Hopefully, after reading this post, you will be armed with knowledge on what beauty products to avoid and be able to find alternatives.

Harmful Beauty Products to Avoid




Anti-Aging cream Retinol
Makeup Paraben
Nail Polish Acetone, Triphenyl Phosphate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Phthalates
Skin Whitening Products hydroquinone
Hair Straightener Sodium Glycolate
Permanent Hair Dyes P-Phenylenediamine
Self- Tanners dihydroxyacetone
Anti-perspirant Aluminum
Sunscreen Benzophenone (BP)
Antimicrobial Soaps Parabens, Triclosan
Perfume Phthalates
Acne Treatment Isotretinoin
Chemical Hair Remover Thioglycolic acid
Shampoo Glycol Ethers
Peels/Masks Salicylic Acid


There you have it!

In our quest to achieve our dream of motherhood, we have to maximize our fertility. We will try everything we can to achieve this, and this includes sacrificing beauty.

However, nowadays, it is now easier to find alternatives. Products are labeled with the ingredients, so it is easier for consumers to spot what they need.

Read every ingredient of cosmetic products you are buying and try to stay away from the above ingredients.

You can also check the safety of your cosmetic product at the Environmental Workers Group Cosmetic Data Base.

It is also safe to always go with natural and organic cosmetic products.

Do you have these chemicals on your cosmetic products?

Any thoughts?