Our Third IUI and Hopefully the Last

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Our third IUIOur third IUI came quickly. Who would have thought we will come this far. I used to think that one shot of fertility treatment will do the trick and I would be holding my bundle of joy in my arms today. But, things don’t always work out the way we want it to be. First and second IUI came and went. Now we are on our third IUI. And yet, here we are with empty arms.

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We were very hopeful on our second IUI. I was able to produce two follicles, and my husband provided a great sample as well. However, for unknown reason fertilization did not occur. I got my period before my scheduled HCG beta test.


After going through two IUIs, I am ready to throw in the towel. I can be very optimistic, but sometimes I think, “How much longer can I hold on?”

Then I decided to expand my horizon. I started to read books on infertility and read other couples’ story on Facebook groups I joined. I discovered that my situation is nothing compared to others. Some underwent multiple IUIs, IVFs, and other fertility treatments and they are still not giving up. Now, who am I to say I have been through a lot?

With the encouragement and support from my husband, family, and few friends I’ve shared my situation with, I moved on to start over again with our third IUI.


So to establish a baseline again, they need to draw blood to check for the levels of my Leutenizing Hormone, Follicle Stimulating Hormone, Estradiol, and Progesterone. My doctor reviewed my results, and everything was ok. She advised me to take 100 mg of Clomid for five days at the same times each night, which is between 8 pm and 10 pm.

For those five days, I missed one dose. For some reason, it didn’t cross my mind that night to take the Clomid. I was advised to take it the moment I remembered it and then stick to the schedule. My doctor said it won’t cause any problem because technically I still have the Clomid in my system.

All my succeeding blood work for monitoring came back fine. It just has to coincide with the ultrasound result before I can have the insemination.


Same thing with the bloodwork, they also need to establish a baseline of my ovaries. They check for the uterine lining and size of follicles. Everything was ok as well so I am ready for the Clomid.

After five days of Clomid, I went back to the clinic for another monitoring. They check for follicles measuring 18-20mm. Unfortunately, the biggest one I got was 10mm.

First monitoring went to fifth until I finally was able to produce one 22mm follicle.

HCG Trigger Shot

After finally producing a decently sized follicle, I was ready for the trigger shot. My husband wanted to show his support by doing the injection for me. After doing it three times, he thinks he is an expert now. But still hoping that he wouldn’t have to do it again.

Do you know how to administer HCG Trigger Shot? Check out the step by step guide here.


Our IUI days fell on a weekend which is very convenient for my husband but not for me. That weekend was my work weekend. I had to juggle my schedule to make room for the insemination.

First IUI day was early in the morning. My husband went in first then I followed two hours later. He was only able to produce a minimal amount of sample, but the nurse said it is still a good specimen. The insemination went quickly without any problem.

Second IUI day was still in the morning. This time my husband was able to produce a decent if not excellent sample. However, the insemination didn’t happen quickly. It took longer because there were a lot of mucus hindering the catheter from going in. The nurse has to take the time to clean up the mucus. This insemination was the most painful IUI I had so far and hopefully the last.

The nurse re-emphasized on my restrictions on lifting and to treat myself as pregnant until the pregnancy test.

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Progesterone Test

Five days after insemination, I had to go back in for another bloodwork to check for my progesterone level. If it is low, then I have to take progesterone cream supplement. It is not one of my favorite things for sure. I had to take it during my first IUI. Fortunately, on my second IUI, my progesterone level was sufficient enough that I didn’t have to take the supplement.

I actually can sense if my progesterone is high or low. It is high if I feel symptoms like breast tenderness of back pain. Unfortunately, this time around I don’t feel any, so I am sure I will need the supplement.

Two-Week Wait

After many trips to the clinic, multiple poking on my veins and many probing inside my ovaries, it is time to wait. As I mentioned before, the two-week wait is the most dreaded part of fertility treatment. It Is where your emotions are put to the test.

And as I have said before and I will follow my advice, the key to surviving the two-week wait is a distraction. Keep yourself busy.

Our third IUI took longer than the other two, but as with the other two IUIs, we are very hopeful. We pray to God that this will be it. But then again, His will be done.

However, we are not giving up. This struggle is a trial from God, and I know that He does not give us trials that we cannot handle. If our third IUI is unsuccessful, then we will try again, maybe explore other options.

We are not alone in this journey. With the love and support we got from each other and our family and friends, we will still keep on going. And we will keep on PRAYING.

Did you have IUI? How many did you have?

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