Mojo’s Verdict On His First Barkbox Experience

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Is Barkbox worth it? FInd out by clicking through.I love shopping especially for my furry baby, Mojo. I love picking up toys, treats, and accessories for him, in which he gets so excited all the time.

However, as always life happens, and now I rarely have time to shop for him. His toys are getting old, and he definitely needs new ones. Now that he is older and stronger, he can rip a toy in minutes.

That’s when I started looking online for things for him, and I stumbled upon Barkbox.

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Barkbox is a monthly subscription box that is filled with 4-6 items of toys and treats. It is a surprise box so you wouldn’t know what to get each month. It makes it more exciting.

I was skeptical at first because this is going to be our first subscription box and I do not want to be ripped off. I did my research and found that Barkbox has excellent reviews.

And what I like most about them is that a portion of the sale is donated to animal shelters. Talk about doing good.

So, we decided to give them a try. I opted for a 6-month subscription, which I think is an enough time to have the full experience.

In order to show you how Barkbox is, I decided to share with you Mojo’s First Barkbox experience.

First Barkbox Experience

The box came quicker than I expected and it was packaged really well. I opened the box first and took out all the paper stuff. Then I close the box and set it down on the floor to give Mojo the full experience of opening his Barkbox.

The Box

Get Curious

Open the Box

Checking It Out Time

The Content

Picking up Favorite

Enjoyment Time

There you have it! I think Mojo loved his first Barkbox experience.

The subscription price is actually affordable if you calculate the cost of what is in the box. It is $20/month including shipping for >$30 worth of goodies.

The toys are innovative, durable and engaging to the dogs.

The treats are all-natural and are of high quality as well. Barkbox also takes allergies into consideration, which I think is a plus.

So far, first Barkbox experience is Paw-some. We will review again after six months.

If you haven’t yet, try out Barkbox yourself. You will be surprised what will be in your first box.

You can actually try your first Barkbox now with this $5 discount.

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