How to Increase Pageviews On Your Blog in a Month

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Do you want to increase your blog's pageviews? Learn some of the steps I took to double my pageviews within a month.Please note that this post may contain affiliate links meaning I will earn a small commission at no cost to you if you decide to use the link to make a purchase. Thanks for the support.

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Do you want to increase your blog's pageviews? Learn some of the steps I took to double my pageviews within a month.

I cannot believe it is almost three months since I started Honestly, it was a hard journey, full of trials and errors. There were sleepless nights and skipped meals, but I think it is all worth it.

I am still a newbie in this blogging world, but I learned that with hard work, blogging could work for you.

I started with zero pageviews. And there were several days in which everything was so quiet at wishfulmoms. It was disappointing at first. I always thought no one wants to read my work. But I didn’t give up; I still kept on going.

At the end of my first month of blogging, I had 1,734 pageviews and only 361 users. I was so proud of myself and was motivated to increase my pageviews more.

At the end of my second month of blogging, my pageviews went up to 5,575 with 2,901 users. And some of these users converted into email subscribers. It also enabled me to earn a little bit.

Check out my first monthly progress report.

Because of the positive results, I think that the things I did contribute to the increase of my pageviews, so I decided to round them up and share them with you.

I hope that after reading these ways and applying them, you will gain the same or more success that I had.

5 Ways to Increase Pageviews

Post Consistently

When I first started blogging, I didn’t have any set schedule. I just blog whenever and post whichever day I got done with the post. There are days that I post twice. There is a week when I post every day, four times a week, three times a week, etc. In short, I am all over the place. I didn’t only confuse my readers but myself as well.

So on my second month, I made a posting schedule. I decided to post twice a week. My posting days are Tuesdays and Fridays. But now, due to conflict of schedule with my full-time job, I will be switching to once a week. In this way, I will be able to write a better article without being rushed.

I used Boardbooster

Boardbooster has been a game changer for me. It not only freed up my time but also gained me a lot of followers and impressions as well.

I used to manually pin to group boards, and I realized it is not making me productive. When I used Boardbooster, it made a lot of difference. I only use 30 mins a day to schedule my whole week’s pins.

You can check them out yourself. They have a free trial in where your first 100 pins are free!

Join Pinterest Group Boards

One of the things I also started doing is joining Pinterest group boards related to my niche. I made sure that I joined a group with over 2K followers to be able to get the benefit.

Pinning can take a lot out of your time, so I used Boardbooster to help me schedule posts to these boards. Boardbooster frees up some of my time so I was able to focus more on creating contents.

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Join Facebook Groups

I also joined a bunch of Facebook groups. I actively participate in the group’s promos, and I saw great results from it. I plan to join some more groups.

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Tweet Often

Twitter has always been hard to figure out for me, but when I started using it, it’s not that hard after all. I tweet not only my content but mostly other’s materials as well.

I also use Hootsuite to schedule my tweets which also frees up some of my time.

By doing that, I was able to generate traffic to my blog from this platform.

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Stumble Upon

I never knew about Stumble Upon until I happen to look at my Google Analytics and it showed that one of the sources of my blog traffic is Stumble Upon. I opened it up and started stumbling some of my contents.

Stumble upon likes it when you stumble other people’s content more than yours.

So these are the things I did which helped my pageviews in a month. I am sure there are other ways out there, and I am eager to learn them.

Any other tips on how to increase pageviews?

Any thoughts?