How to Improve your Post with Grammarly

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how to improve our post with grammarly    (This post contains affiliate links)

Today, I am going to talk about Grammarly, why I love it and how it will benefit bloggers like me.

I admit I am not a good writer and English is my second language. However, I graduated college, and our medium of instruction is English. So to be fair, I know my English quite well. However, when it comes to writing, I could be better.

Most of the advice that I get from fellow bloggers is that blogging should be in conversational English. However, while we focus on making our post conversational, we sometimes forget or overlook grammar and spelling.

So in my quest to improve my writing, I stumbled upon Grammarly.

Grammarly is a writing tool that checks grammar, spelling, punctuations, style and even lets you know if your sentence in a passive voice!

Why I love Grammarly

Improves Grammar

Grammar is important especially for us bloggers because of what we do. Grammarly makes sure that contents are grammatically correct. With grammatically correct content, a blogger can correctly get their message across.

Improves Vocabulary

Grammarly checks for words that are overused, which I am guilty of. It will recommend an alternative word to use instead. By doing this, it will improve vocabulary and enhances the quality of the post content.

Improves spelling skill

If you are not a good speller, fear not, Grammarly is here. It checks the spelling of each word used in a blog post, and it will even provide the correct spelling.

Prevents Plagiarism

For us bloggers, we want to make sure that our contents are original. Grammarly can help with this.

Bloggers can run their copy through the plagiarism checker to make sure their sources are cited properly. With proper citation, you will avoid the risk of getting penalized by Search Engines. 

Very Handy

You can use Grammarly anywhere. It is available in any browsers. I used the free Google Chrome extension, which automatically checks my posts or any writing that I do while I am writing it. It is also available for OS X and Microsoft.

Once you installed it in your browser extension, it will immediately start working. It will work while you are typing your blog post or while you are writing your post or comment on social media.

Easy to use

Grammarly is very easy to understand thereby easy to use. You pretty much just install it and start using it. It checks everything and provides suggestions. You just have to click on their suggestion, no need to re-type. Makes it so convenient.


Besides the awesome goodness of Grammarly stated above, the primary reason why I love Grammarly is that it is FREE.

The FREE option checks spelling and punctuations. This option is a good plan if you want just to try them out first.

Once you decide to access the other impressive features, you can now then upgrade. They have very affordable plans as well.

Overall, Grammarly facilitates mistake-free writing.  With this, bloggers are better equipped to get the right message across and will have more confidence in their articles.  Better quality writing will enhance blog posts and the website as a whole.

If you don’t have a blog yet, learn how to start one HERE.

Have you used Grammarly? What did you like about it?


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