How To Easily Administer HCG Trigger Shot

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Step by Step Guide on How to Administer HCG Trigger Shot

HCG trigger shot alone can be intimidating. How much more if you are to inject it into your own body? Well for me, I hate needles so poking myself with it would be horrible. I had to ask my husband to do it for me. I think this is one good way of getting husbands involved in the process. He was not agreeable of course, but he did it anyway. Yay for me.

He was so nervous during our first IUI(intrauterine administration), which made me more nervous.  It took him a while to muster the strength to poke me with the needle. When he finally did it, there was a small amount of blood on injection site which freaked him out even more. Obviously, he is not quite fond of blood. He swore that he would never do it again.

I felt bad for him when we learned that we had to do it again. because our first IUI failed. But experience does make a huge difference, he was more comfortable this time. His hands were steady. He was able to complete the process without any problem. And oh yeah, and there was no blood.

What is an HCG Shot?

HCG is also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. The cells in our reproductive system produce HCG to help support a pregnancy by forming the placenta. It is also otherwise known as the “pregnancy hormone”

HCG trigger shot, on the other hand, is a synthetic hormone containing HCG that induces the release of a mature egg from the follicle. There are a lot of brand names for HCG trigger shot but in my case I used Pregnyl.

Since I have a problem ovulating, I took Clomid for five days to be able to produce follicles. Because we are preparing for IUI, I was closely monitored via blood draw and ultrasound. I was then instructed to take the HCG trigger shot once I had the right sized follicle.

What are the things needed?

1 bottle containing liquid

This contains the water that will dilute the powder.

1 bottle containing powder

This powder contains the synthetic HCG.

1 syringe

This will contain the water and then the mixed solution.

1 long needle

This is use to draw water and inject it to the powder.

1 short needle

This is use to inject the solution into the skin.

A pair of Gloves

This is use to protect the person doing the injection from the blood.

Alcohol wipes

This is use to cleanse the area to be injected.

Sharps container

This is where the needles are disposed.


This is to decrease swelling in the injected area.

How is it Done?

Wear the gloves or wash hands.

Mix your trigger injection by drawing up 1 ml of water using the long and slowly injecting it to the powder. 

Roll between hands to mix. Do not shake.

Draw back 1 cc of the mixed solution. Make sure that the tip of the needle stays below the liquid line.

Switch long needle to the short needle.

Cleanse the area 1-2 inches away from the navel.

Pinch the skin then inject the needle all the way. Slowly push the plunger. Hold there for 10 sec before withdrawing.

Ice area.

What to Expect?


You are expected to ovulate around 36 hours after injection. The IUI should be performed at that time. In my case, I had my first insemination approximately 14 hours after injection and my second insemination after approximately 36 hours.

I had minor cramps the day after the trigger shot. My co-worker, who just had hers said that she had a headache. The side effects vary from every individual. But if there is pelvic pain, swelling of both hands and feet or nausea and vomiting, it’s best to call the doctor immediately.


Taking the HCG trigger shot is not painful. The process is just intimidating to some. The steps are easy to follow but do not attempt if you are not comfortable at all. You can ask the nurse or the pharmacist to show you how to do it. And if this does not work, ask a friend who is comfortable in doing this.

The nurse advised me not to take the pregnancy test after the insemination.  This is because pregnancy test kits look for HCG level in the urine. This will then show a false positive result. The best way to test for it is through a blood test. This will be in two weeks.

For us who are dealing with infertility, two weeks will seem like forever(and beyond). In this time, you need a lot of distractions. Go out there and explore or pick a new hobby. Do anything that will keep your mind off of the pregnancy test.

Check out my post on what not do during two-week wait. I learned this thing from my first two-week wait.

How about you? How did your HCG trigger shot go?

Any thoughts?