Reliable Affiliate Companies Who Will Pay You To Blog

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Do you want to get paid to blog? Check out these affiliate companies.Do you get paid to blog?

Blogging can be a hobby but wouldn’t it be better if we make money from our hobby? I think so.

Most of us bloggers have a different reason why we blog but the most common reason is to earn money while staying at home with our family.

This is the reason why almost all blogs are monetized. Bloggers wanted to get paid to blog about their expertise.

Some successful bloggers are actually earning a decent income from it while they are sleeping. Hopefully, someday, I will get there soon.

Starting a blog is easy, but the hard part is maintaining it. However, it will all be worth it once you start making money from it. You just have to start.

If you do not have a blog yet, head over to How to Start a Blog for a Newbie to start.

How Do You Get Paid to Blog

Monetizing your blog can be done in different ways. It can be from ads like Google Adsense or or sponsored post by other companies.

But for me, I think the best way of monetizing your blog is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is where you promote products that you use or trust, and the company of that product will pay you for it.

The reason why I think it is the best way because you are actually helping your readers while you are earning money.

Now, several companies accept affiliates. However, some of them are picky. They have set standards in their affiliate program requirements. But there are also those who readily accepts new bloggers.

Just do not be discouraged when your application is rejected. You can always reapply once your blog meets the company’s requirements.

As a new blogger, I got rejections from a few companies but luckily got accepted to some. So to help you monetize your blog, I rounded up a list of the affiliate programs I participated. These companies are pretty welcoming to new bloggers.

(Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links meaning I will get a small commission at no cost to you if you decide to buy. Thank you for the support.)

Affiliate Companies Which Will Help You Get Paid To Blog


Since I am an Amazon user myself, Amazon is the very first company I applied. Everyone is using Amazon, and everybody trusts Amazon. The good thing about Amazon is that they have a huge selection of products you can choose from. So by using affiliate links, you have a better chance of making an income out of it.

The best thing about being an Amazon affiliate is that your reader does not need to purchase the product you recommended for you to make money. They just need to click on your affiliate link, browse Amazon and whatever they will buy, you will be credited.

So for example, you have a  link to a book on infertility that got a reader interested. The user clicked on the link and was directed to Amazon. However, the reader lost interest on the infertility book and decided to buy a fertility supplement instead. Now, you will still be credited by the amount the user purchased. Awesome, right?


Shareasale is an affiliate network company. It means that this company works with a lot of merchants including Dollar Tree, ModCloth, Adidas, Wayfair and so much more. Once you get accepted by Shareasale, you can easily apply for any retailers you want.

Shareasale makes it easy because you do not have to go through filling up application forms over and over again.


FlexOffers is the same as Shareasale which is an affiliate network company. They do have a lot of merchants as well including Macy’s, Priceline, Apple Vacations, Target and more.

Rakuten Linkshare

Rakuten Affiliate Network Welcome Program
Another affiliate network company is Rakuten Linkshare. The same with Flexoffers and Shareasale, they also work with a lot of merchants including Guess, Kate Spade, Microsoft and more.


Bluehost is one of the very first affiliate programs along with Amazon that I applied to because I was already using it for my blog. They are one of the few who pays high commissions.

If you haven’t started using Bluehost yet, you should start now. They have a very affordable price. You can start a blog for only $3.95/mo!

If you do not have a blog yet, you can head over to my tutorial on how to start a blog.


Grammarly is one of the first affiliates where I earn my first buck. It helps improve your post by checking grammar, spelling, punctuation and even plagiarism.

Once you become an affiliate, you can earn immediately just by promoting them on social media or writing a post about Grammarly.

Here is an example on how I promoted Grammarly.

How to Improve your Post with Grammarly


Pinterest has been my number one traffic generator, but it can make you unproductive if you do not automate it. Boardbooster has been a game changer for me. It helped me so much especially in increasing my page views. It did not only freed up my time but also helped me gain more followers.

And you can actually earn extra money by referring clients to them. You can give them a try by signing up for their free trial which gives you free 100 pins.

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Other Affiliate Products

Ultimate Bundle

The ultimate go to for no nonsense bundle of resources for blogging, homemaking, organizing, budgeting, healthy living and so much more.

Blog by Number

This e-course has it all, from starting a blog to monetizing it. It is the very first e-course I purchased which is all worth it.

How to Earn Money with Amazon

This e-book focuses on how to make money from Amazon. It teaches how to make $1000 from Amazon affiliates.

Make your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours

This e-book focuses on how to earn your first affiliate sale in less than 24 hours by using Pinterest.

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers

This is an eCourse on how to earn money from your blog by sharing affiliate links in a way your readers will enjoy and appreciate.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

If you have been blogging for a while, you would already hear about this e-book. This e-book is powerful which helped me understood affiliate marketing and how to apply them.

There you have it!

There are a lot of affiliate programs out, but if you are new to affiliate marketing, I would recommend starting with ten affiliate programs so that it will be not too overwhelming.

I hope you learn something from this post and now ready to enter the affiliate marketing world and get paid to blog.
Which affiliate program do you love?

Any thoughts?