First IUI Failed Hoping For Successful Second

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If you read my very first post, you know that my first IUI failed and so here we are on my second cycle.

Blood work is not fun at all.

As soon as I got my period I called to make an appointment for blood work and ultrasound. The clinician was rough, she poked into my vein and when she didn’t get any blood, she tried to fish for it (and yes it was painful). It was a relief when she finally got a sample. Unfortunately, the same clinician is also taking care of the ultrasound. I thought she was rough with the blood draw but she was even worse with the ultrasound. This lady should not work in this field.

At the end of the day, I got a message that I am now ready for  Clomid. Clomid is an oral medication used to induce ovulation prescribed for those who are suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I was to take it for 5 days and return to the clinic for more blood work and ultrasound.

My follicles are growing slowly.

This time, I didn’t go back to that same clinic, I guess I was too traumatized. I went to a different location. The staffs in this clinic were nice, gentle and seem to love what they do, making me a happy client.

The result of my blood work and the US showed that I am not ready for insemination yet. My follicles didn’t grow to the favorable size which is 20 mm. I have to return after 2 days.

Unfortunately, when I returned after 2 days, we got the same result. Follicles didn’t grow. But the ultrasound lady was very optimistic. She said there are more potential follicles this time. I will have to return in two days for a recheck.

It was getting to be very frustrating but thank God for my husband. He keeps me from giving up.

I went for the 3rd time and no luck, none of my follicles reached 20 mm.

The fourth time was a charm.

I was able to produce 2 almost-20-mm follicles. I was ready for insemination. My husband must administer the HCG trigger shot that night. HCG trigger shot is an injectable medication which contains a hormone that will trigger the release of the egg. So my husband, less nervous this time, administered the drug with no problem.

The next morning, he went in to produce his sample and two hours later I went in for the insemination. I dreaded this process not only because of modesty but also because of the pain. But, we got to do what we have to do. I got some minor spotting after but no cramping. We went in again the next day for our second insemination.

I have read that the success rate is a little bit higher on the second try after first IUI failed. But one thing I learned from my first IUI is to not set high expectations. I have to keep in mind that anything can happen.

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Now the two-week waiting begins….

Any thoughts?