First IUI Experience: An Unexpected Fertility Journey

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It has been quite an eventful month for us. We lost the wonderful Dad of my husband. But it didn’t stop us from moving forward into fulfilling our dream to have our family. We started our journey with intrauterine insemination.



After being diagnosed with the dreaded Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, we have been trying minor fertility treatments, like managing my blood sugar, timing, position, etc, however, none of them worked. Until our doctor recommended intrauterine insemination.

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The plan consists of taking Clomid which helps with ovulation. Once viable follicles are produced, the partner will then provide a sample of his sperm, and this will be administered inside the uterus using a catheter.


My first IUI experience started with lots of medical office visits, and blood works to prepare me for the fertility treatment.

We were about to start fertility treatment when my father in law started getting worse. He had a stroke earlier this year and ended up with complications.

The fertility treatment will start once I get my monthly period. So while we were taking care of my father in law, we were also patiently waiting for AF(Aunt Flow).

Shortly after he passed, I got AF. So while we were undergoing the stress of grieving, we were undergoing tests and going to doctor’s appointments.

They started the treatment by getting a baseline, getting my blood work and US(ultrasound) of my ovaries. And then they started me on Clomid which I took for five days.

After finishing my dose, I went back for another US. They found one good follicle, and they said I am ready for insemination. The night before my IUI(intrauterine insemination), I had to take the trigger shot.

I had my husband do it around 9:45 pm. Despite his nervous hand and my encouragement, he was able to do it.

I felt more bloated that night until the next morning. My husband went to the clinic early to give his sample. Two hours later, I went in.

The nurse talked me through the process. Before she started, she made me check the sample and explained to me the numbers. When everything was good, she proceeded by using the speculum, cleaned my inside with a q-tip and then started inserting the catheter.

I felt cramping at that point. Then she pushed the sample into my uterus. She then gently pulled back everything. I was still shaken, so I asked to lay there for awhile. I went home and rested for a little bit before going back to work. That night, cramping continues, and I had a little spotting.

The next day, hubby and I went in for my second insemination. I had more cramping during the procedure, but hubby was holding my hand the whole time which made it more tolerable.

We went home, and the cramps continued. I took a nap which turned out to be a deep sleep.


No cramping towards night time, however, I kept waking up in the middle of the night sweating. The 3rd day went by uneventful except for occasional twinges on the right lower part of my abdomen.

The fourth day, I went to work and wasn’t able to follow medical advice. Due to the nature of my work, I lifted more than 15 lbs. However, I did not feel any difference after.

The fifth day was uneventful.

On the sixth day after insemination, I went in for blood work to check my progesterone level. It turned out to below that I will have to take a supplement which is a progesterone vaginal cream.

Seventh and 8th day were uneventful except for occasional twinges on the lower abdomen and groin. But the night of the 8th day, I started feeling soreness on my breasts and lower back. And oh, constipation.

On the 9th day, intermittent soreness on the breasts and lower abdomen continues. And on the 10th day, I came down with a bad cold, causing me a cough and elevated the temperature. 11th day, my cold continued and occasional abdominal twinges continued.

On the 12th and 13th, I felt constant pain on the right lower abdomen just above the groin. Tenderness on the breast continued, still gassy and constipated. On the 14th day after insemination, I went to work and experienced dizziness and nausea, however, it didn’t last long.

On the 15th day, I went to the bathroom and the most devastating thing happened, I noticed bright red blood. Disappointment engulfed me but part of me is hoping that it’s just implantation bleeding. The flow did not continue which kept my hopes up.

The next day was the big da because it’s the HCG beta test, in which we will find out if the insemination was successful. My husband and I were so nervous. We went in at 7 am for the blood draw and was anxious all day waiting for the result.


And then right after lunch, I was informed that unfortunately, the test was negative. I felt like the whole world just gave up on me. I couldn’t focus on my work, all I wanted to do is to go home.

As soon as I finished work, I went straight home and cried all the tears I possibly can.. It was one of the saddest days of my life.


Undergoing intrauterine insemination does not guarantee pregnancy. Due to its low success rate, it can bring a lot of heartbreaks. But having a good husband makes it all worthwhile.

Despite his disappointment, he stayed strong for the both of us. He gave me the comfort I needed. And because of that love, I am not giving up.

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