Essentials When Traveling With Dogs

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Traveling with dogs is always a fun experience. It can be stressful at times, but if you are prepared, then you can have a good time too.

My husband and I love to travel, but with our full-time work, we rarely get those long vacations. We usually just go for road trips during long weekends.

And of course, our little pooch gets to come along. And like humans, they must also have their packing essentials.

The first time we traveled with Mojo, I guess I was not as prepared as I should be. There are things that I forgot to bring like bed, pen and pet wipes. It’s a good thing I brought food!

So based on experience, I rounded up some travel essentials for your dog in that way the next time you go for a trip, you are well-prepared.

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Essentials When Traveling With Dogs

Seat Belt Tether

When you are on the road, you do want to have you little pooch sliding all over the place when making a turn or be jumping on to you while you are driving.

You can prevent this by using the tether which you can clip easily to your dog’s harness.

Travel Bowl or Collapsible Bowl

These bowls are must haves especially when your trip involves hiking. As with humans, dogs need to be often hydrated as well.

These bowls can easily be clipped on your backpack for easy access.

Pee Pads

Potty trained dog might not need this. However, if your puppy is still not fully housebroken or used to using pee pads, then it won’t hurt to bring some along.

Mojo uses pee pads, so we bring some along to use when we are staying in a hotel.

Crate, Bed, or Blanket

It can vary from every dog when deciding whether to bring a crate, bed or a blanket. It depends on what your dog is using at home.

For my little pooch, I bring both his bed and his blanket.

A waterproof blanket like this one would also come in handy.

First Aid Kit

Anything can happen during your travel, so you want to be prepared not only for yourself but also for your dog.

Clean Up Bags

And I think this is one of the most important of them all. Always have clean up bags whenever you have your dog with you.

Because the moment you are not equipped with bags, that’s when they decide to go.

Pet Wipes

Anything can get into your dog’s paws, and of course, you do not want that dirt to be all over your car so having handy wipes to clean their paws is a must.

Mojo is used to having his paws cleaned after a walk.

Food and Treats

And of course, this is the most important thing to bring when traveling with dogs. You want to make sure they are well fed.

Health Records

It is always a good practice to bring all your dog’s health records when traveling because sometimes hotels, dog parks, and other dog facilities check these documents.


We have this retractable leash for Mojo. It makes it convenient to keep it short if you want your dog to be close to you or make it longer if you want your dog to explore around without letting him off the leash.

Vehicle Seat Cover

We have a leather seat on our car, so we don not really need this and also Mojo does not shed, so it is not a problem. However, if you a bigger dog or cloth seat cover, you might want to consider using this.


Always bring your dog’s favorite toy or toys to keep him distracted and entertained. In that way, you can also enjoy your vacation, not just be focusing on your dog all the time.


Always bring your dog’s prescription medicine if he or she has one.

Mojo doesn’t have any prescription medications, but he has his heartworm pill and flea and tick pill that he needs to take every month. So if the travel falls on that schedule, I bring his pills along.

Carrier Bag

Mojo is too big for a carrier bag, so we do not use one when we travel. But if you have a little one, a carrier bag might not be a bad idea.

Portable Pen

I love portable pens. This pen makes it easy to contain your dog in an area without the use of a leash. It gives your dog more freedom.

You can use it during camping or picnic in the park.

There you have it!

These are the things which are essential when you are traveling with dogs. Make sure to have them the next time you travel.

Anything else I missed?What do you pack when traveling with dogs?

Any thoughts?