Daily Chores To Do Inorder To Have An Organized Home

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Do you want to have an organized home? Learn these daily chores you can do in order to come home to a clean and welcoming home.I am not a clean and organized freak, but I like to have a clutter-free home and to be able to find things where they’re supposed to be.

I am sharing the daily tasks I do to make our household clutter-free. I hope you will find it helpful.

Daily Chores To Have An Organized Home

Make your Bed

I know that it is so easy for us just to wake up and go straight to the shower without making our bed. However, if you want to live in an organized home, you have to start somewhere.

And the best place to start is your bed. You do not have to fancy it up. Upon waking up, arrange your pillows and then spread your blanket neatly. That’s it! During the evening when you are ready to retire, your bed will be inviting.

Throw Away Collected Hair Strands 

Not all of you might have this hair problem as I do but it will still be good to know. I have a lot of hair, and every day, I have a lot them falling as well especially during a shower.

If you are like me, make it a habit of picking up the hair strands and throwing away. It will not only make the water drain better, but it will also decrease soap scum build up on your drain. And of course, it will prevent clogging on your drain.

Spray Anti-Soap Scum In Your Shower After Use

Don’t you hate soap scums? I do. They build up so fast too. You should try soap scum spray every after a shower.

You just spray the floor, walls of the shower and the shower curtain if you have one. Then just leave it to dry. Do that every day, and you will reduce the soap scum build up.

If you have a lot of gunks and grimes, you can this article about a DIY bathroom and toilet cleaner.

Clean Hair From The Floor

Here we go with the hair again. After blow drying and combing your hair, you will notice that a lot of hair will be on the floor. Humans are known to shed more than 100 hair strands a day.

So if you do not take care of it right away, can you imagine how many hundreds of hair will be on your floor. You can use a roller or a vacuum to do to take care of this.

As for me, I am a busy working woman, so I cannot afford to lose time by taking care of my hair strands so what I do is I let my irobot to do the work for me while I finish getting ready.

Put Dirty Clothes on the Right Bin

After you are done getting ready, it is time to pick up your dirty clothes and bring them to the right bin. I have laundry bins dedicated for intimates, dark color, whites, and linens.

By doing this, it will save you time when you do your laundry on the weekend.

Hang Towels to Dry

Hanging towels to dry can save you pennies in the long run by reducing your laundry loads for the week. Try hanging your towels to dry and change them once a week.

Clean and Clear Countertop

Most of us have the habit of putting stuff on the counter top after using them which in the long run makes our countertop cluttered.

I know because my husband used to be like this. Make it a habit of putting away everything after use. In that way, you will end up with a clutter-free counter top.

Wash dishes After Use

In our household, we try not to use the dishwasher as much as we can. By washing dishes after use, you will end up with a clean sink. You will also have more free time because you do not have to dedicate a time to wash a whole lot of dishes when you come home after work.

Wash Lunch Boxes Upon Getting Home

My husband and I pack our lunches so at the end of the day we have lunch boxes to wash. By cleaning them upon getting home, you will end up with a clean one ready to go for tomorrow’s lunch.

Shred Junk Mail As You Get Them

I found that if I do not shred junk mails daily, I end up with a huge pile by the end of the week.

Replace TV Remotes in their Designated Places

Isn’t it nice to know where the remote is when you are about to sit on the couch? Make it a habit to have a designated area for TV remotes and to return them to that place after watching.

Arrange Throw Pillows

Placement of throw pillows makes an impact on the house organization. By replacing throw pillows where there supposed to be, creates a welcoming home.

There you have it!

These are some daily tasks you can add to your day so that you will have an organized home. Try to stick doing them for 21 days, and you will make it a habit in no time.

How about you? What is your daily task in organizing your home?

Any thoughts?