A Complete Guide to TTC Abbreviation Terms

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The ultimate guide to TTC abbreviation termsIf you have been trying to conceive for awhile or just starting, I am sure that you have run into online support forums. Maybe even joined a lot of them.

And I am confident that you encountered a bunch of new terms and acronyms which do not make sense to you? For me, I have encountered a lot of these. I came across these consonants bunched up together, which are all new to me. I was overwhelmed and confused.

When we first started trying to conceive(TTC), I was always on the internet. I devoured every support forums that I came across. I was always reading support forums after forums. A lot of my time was spent on reading them, but I think I spent more time googling what the acronyms meant. It was more time-consuming than anything.

What is TTC Abbreviation Term?

TTC abbreviation terms are abbreviations which stand for words related to trying to conceive. These are commonly used by online support groups to discuss their trying to conceive experience. They use these terms to communicate faster without trying to spell the whole word out. Pretty convenient actually.

So in my quest to help other hopeful moms out there, I aim to make things a little easier.

To help you understand the TTC Lingo, especially when you are new to TTC world, I have put together a quick reference to help you out. This guide contains commonly used abbreviation terms that you need to understand what other hopeful moms are talking about.

This guide contains commonly used abbreviation terms that you need to know what other hopeful moms are talking about.

Trust me, after you read all of it, things will be easier. You will feel like you belong.

Feel free to print for easy access.

And do not forget to let me know what you think.


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