How To Clean House in Less Than An Hour

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Do you want to decrease your cleaning time and be able to do other productive stuff? Click through to learn some ways to clean your house in less than an hour.Maintaining a home and working full time at the same time is a hard. I mean I can’t complain because there are those who do the same thing while taking care of kids as well.

But because it is our life, we somehow make it work.

In our house, we try to do little tasks during the week like washing dishes, shredding junk mails and putting away stuffs in their own that way there is not much to be done during the weekend.

Sometimes, I work during the weekend as well so really I don’t have much time to clean the house.

So I developed a system that I used to clean house which makes me more productive and efficient. I am sharing them to you with the hopes that you will learn some tips.

How To Clean House in Less Than an Hour

Spray bathrooms

I always start with spraying the bathroom and toilet because I let it to soak for a while before scrubbing them.

Start Laundry

I will start gathering our whole week’s worth of laundry and sort them out separating the delicates, linens, whites and the colored clothes.

It does not take a long time because I already have a separate laundry baskets for each category.


After I started the laundry, I start picking up things and putting them in their rightful places. This included Mojo’s toys, papers, throw pillows, books and others.

Dust and Clean

When everything in on their righful place, dusting will begin. I dust every corner and surface I can reach and then clean it  using a wet rag. I use Fabuloso with this because I love the clean smell after.


Now that every surface is clean, my little helper will now come into play. It is my Irobot. I just start the button and off it goes to clean my floor. I can now go back to my other tasks.

What I love about the irobot is that I do not need to pay attention to it while doing its work. It is only when I have to move it to another floor of the house.

Clean Bathroom

The scrubbing now begins. Usually this does not take long if you clean your bathroom weekly because it will not have a lot of soap scums. I use a slice of lemon to clean the metal parts to make them look shiny. It works everytime.

When the bathroom is all clean, I then clean and sanitize the toilet.

Fluff throw pillows/sanitize couches

Since Mojo doesn’t really shed, I seldom vacuum the couches. I just sanitize the pillows after fluffing them and then the couch.

Take Care of the Mails

What I do is I will just shred junk mails and organize which mails need atterntion and which ones needs to be filed.

I do not normally have a lot mails to shred because I try to take care of it everyday during the week.

Take out Garbage

Now that you have cleaned everything, you might have a full trash bag. Take it out so you will start a new one during the week.

Fold Clothes

Please note that while I am doing the tasks above I am also checking on the laundry. I load the washed clothes into the dryer and then load a new set of wash.

When everything is done, I will then and start taking care of the dried laundry.

I do not need to worry about the irobot, it will just go back to its station after everything is cleaned.

There you have it!

I am sure you are already doing some of them and maybe have some better and more efficient way. I would love to hear them.
Share it below.

Any thoughts?