The 10 Important Things I Have Learned From My IUI Experience

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Going through more than one IUI was definitely a learning experience. I have listed things that I have learned and tried which I think are important. I hope you will find them useful as well.

Things You Should Do When You Are Going For IUI

Take your prenatal vitamins. No brainer right? But some of us thought including me that prenatal vitamins are only taken when you are actually pregnant. It is recommended that to prepare the body for healthy conception, we should have all the necessary vitamins. Most often than not, vitamins from our daily food intake are not enough.

Drink plenty of water. Another no brainer. But with IUI, water plays a huge importance. With IUI, there will be a lot of blood draws and with enough fluid in our body, they will be able to draw blood easier. I went in one time slightly dehydrated and they have to fish around for my vein (ouch!). Also, it is very important to drink plenty of water to have a full bladder during insemination. They said it helps in the better placement of the catheter.

Clear your schedule during insemination day. Stressing out at work when you just had your insemination should be the last thing on your mind. Take this day to just relax and visualize the meeting of the egg and sperm.

Wear comfortable clothes during insemination day. Wear your pj’s if you want, just not something restricting. You don’t want anything to be restricted at this point.

Ask for doctor’s order script for lifting restriction. Depending on the nature of your work, you might or might not need this. My work involves having to lift so since doctor ordered no lifting >15 lbs, my boss assigned me a lighter work. You can even show this to your husband so you will have an excuse not to touch the vacuum cleaner.

Do not wear perfumes or scented lotions. I have learned that these are toxic to the embryo.
Warn your husband about mood swings. Hormones can make us feel and do a lot of things and with fertility medications, mood swings are intensified. Make sure hubby understands these so he will prepare.

Eat pineapple. I have learned that pineapple contains an enzyme called Bromelain which aids with implantation.

Treat yourself like you are pregnant. Anything can happen so make sure to follow the do’s and don’ts when pregnant.

Do not set high expectation. IUI has a very low success rates depending on your age, the older you get the lesser the chance. So keep this in mind while you are waiting for the result.

I have learned these things after my first IUI and I applied them on my second. I’m not certain at this point if they worked. But I still believe that if something is meant to happen, then it’s gonna happen. However, there is nothing wrong with trying until you exhaust all the methods available. Giving up will get you nowhere.

How about you? Did you learn anything from your IUI experience? 

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