10 Puppy Essentials For A New Dog Owner

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So you ran into a pet adoption site and got curious. The next thing you know you adopted a new puppy, brought the puppy home and only to find out you’re not ready. It’s because you do not have the stuff needed for the animal’s maintenance.

So you ran to the pet store and grabbed anything you set your eyes on. Don’t do that! I am pretty sure you will end up buying things your puppy doesn’t really need.

The above scenario is not the ideal way of becoming a dog owner; it should be a well-thought and planned commitment. To be a responsible dog owner, we should know what their needs are and what will be right for them.

Dogs are like family; they will be with you for a long time. And they should be part of the family budget.

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When we adopted Mojo, I wanted to buy everything for him because I think he will need it, but I was wrong. We ended up with a lot of stuff that he barely touched.

I do not want you to make the same mistakes that I did so I rounded up a list of puppy essentials that you should have when you are planning to bring home a puppy.

10 Puppy Essentials for a New Dog Owner


Crates are essential during puppyhood. Some experts swear by this when it comes to potty training. Luckily for Mojo, he was already pee pad trained when we got him, so we didn’t have to use the crate for potty training.

We used it as his sleeping quarters, we put his bed in there and cover the crate with a blanket, so he will be free from distractions when he is sleeping.


The bed is vital. Puppies need to be warm and have a feeling that they are being cuddled. Take note; they are still puppies, so they miss the warmth of their mom. Make sure to get a cuddly and soft bed to mimic the warmth.


A pen is not necessary for everyone, but I added it to the list because for me it is important. I am opposed to the idea of keeping a dog inside a crate of long hours.

My husband and I worked full-time hours, so Mojo is left alone for about eight hours. By enclosing him in pen, he has more room to move around. There will be space for his food, crate and pee pad.

Although Mojo never used the pee pad inside the pen, he was able to hold it in until we come home.

Food and Water Bowls

Bowls are necessary as well to establish where food and water are located. Since puppies need to eat for growth, we set the bowls outside the pen when we are home and set it inside the pen when we go to work. In this way, Mojo can eat whenever he is hungry.


Blankets are as important as the beds. It is for the purpose of giving warmth to the puppy.


Harness are important when you start walking your puppy. It prevents choking the puppy and decreases pulling tendency. Although you are not taking your puppy for long walks yet, start getting them used to the harness. In this way, it will not be a problem later on.


Collars are necessary to hold name tags and other tags that you want your puppy to wear.


You will need a leash when you walk your puppy. The leash comes in all sizes so you can choose whatever you want.

We have a modifiable long leash which we can shorten or lengthen depending on the circumstances.

Doggie Clean-up Bags

And this is crucial!

You have to clean up after your puppy. To do this, you need poop bags. A lot of them. So stock up. Dollar Tree has them for just a $1.

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Everyone needs food, and so does your puppy. For a healthy growth of mind and body, you should make sure the food you are giving him contains the essential vitamins and minerals.

We started Mojo on Royal Canin and transitioned him to Blue Buffalo. So far so good. Mojo only eats dry dog food.

We get Mojo’s food from because of their Autoshipment.


At first, I was not really a fan of treats. I believed that praises should be good enough. However, as we started training Mojo, I felt like I was depriving him of what he is supposed to be rewarded for being good. So I gave in to treats.

What can I say, they can work magic on your dogs.


Toys are as important as well because these toys provide distractions to puppies. During training, you can use the toys as a reward for doing right or as a distraction to get his attention away from what he is not supposed to do.

Just make sure you pick a toy that won’t harm your puppy.

Pee Pads

Pee pad are very important, especially during puppyhood. Puppies have small bladders so water can just go through them.

When Mojo was a puppy, we put a bunch of pee pads across the living room, in that way he does not need to walk far to pee. This technique prevented most accidents.

Then when grows older, we gradually decrease the number of pee pads until we got to one. has good deals on pee pads.

Stain and Odor Eliminator

But of course, accidents happen. But inorder to prevent the accidents from happening again, we use deodorizer.

When dogs pee, they leave a scent that will make them pee on that area again. The deodorizing spray is supposed to get rid of that smell.

We get ours from

Bitter Apple Spray

I included this on the list because when Mojo started teething, he began attacking every furniture.

We just let him smell the spray by using a paper towel or cotton and then spray it on every furniture that we think he will try to chew on.

So far it worked. We get ours from
We also have a surveillance camera focused on the pen in which we can interact with Mojo in our phones. 

In this way, we will have a peace of mind that he is doing ok while we are away.

There you have it!

These puppy essentials are a good start to be prepared for the new addition to your family.

Anything I missed?

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