The Top 10 Books On Infertility That You Need To Read

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10 must-read books when struggling with infertility

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Infertility books are very useful especially when you are struggling with infertility. Books bring you comfort knowing that you are not alone in this journey. They give you hope and encouragement to keep on fighting. And they help give you an understanding of what is God’s plan for you.

Honestly, I haven’t read all of these books yet. However, I did my research on each of these books and all of them came with raving reviews.

Actually, I started reading Anchored in Hope and I am totally enjoying it. It is full of inspirations and encouragements from the Scripture.

I plan to have this collection of books to help us emotionally in this journey.

Conquering Infertility

The author provides stress relief, support, and hope to infertile couples. She uses innovative mind/body techniques to helps infertile women.

It Starts With The Egg

This book contains pieces of information on improving egg quality and fertility.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

This bestseller book presents pieces of information on women’s fertility. It provides all the information you need to monitor your menstrual cycle, natural ways to balance your hormones, preserving your future fertility, miscarriages, idiopathic infertility, causes of unusual Bleeding, latest medical advances in assisted reproductive technologies (ART, in-depth coverage of women’s gynecological and sexual health, endometriosis, Ovarian Cysts and PCOS.

The Infertility Survival Handbook

In this book, the author shares her own personal experience and offers insights into what challenges to expect during infertility journey.  She talks about how to get support, how to find the right doctor and how to deal with insurance.

Anchored in Hope

This book is a collection of devotionals and stories rooted in Scripture.

Hannah’s Hope

This is about the author’s journey of infertility, who went through 10 miscarriages ad 2 failed adoption attempts and have been blessed with two living miracles. The book contains a historical fiction retelling Hannah’s story (the mother of Samuel) from the Bible Scripture.

Empty Womb Aching Heart

It contains stories and life lessons on how other men and women have coped with their own infertility.

What He Can Expect When She’s Not Expecting

This book is essential for guys who are supporting their wives in dealing with infertility. The author provides straightforward guy-friendly advice on different situations.

The Infertility Cure

Dr. Lewis presents an alternative approach to infertility, explaining how she used traditional Chinese medicine to treat her own infertility, successfully conceiving and giving birth to two children.

Every Drunken Cheerleader, Why Not Me?

This is about the author’s journey of infertility,  who is voicing all of the emotions most of us keep inside. This book is full of truths and challenges to keep you moving forward. Reviewers say it’s “prescription for comfort”, “Good comfort for a hurting heart, “Great book”.

Any other fertility books you enjoyed?

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  • Thanks so much for sharing this list of books. I’ve been struggling with infertility myself and it’s not something I like to discuss openly but suffering alone doesn’t seem to be the right solution either. The last book in particular resonates, perhaps because of the cheeky title. Xoxo

  • Same here. It was uncomfortable discussing it with people around me so I started this blog. In here I am able to be more open. Thanks for stopping by.

  • This is a difficult time for those who are struggling with infertility. It is hard for others to understand. I am sure that many will find these books supportive. Good luck as you go forward.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful posts at Over The Moon Party.
    See you next week.

  • Thank you for stopping by and for the sweet thought. 🙂

  • Charity! I just wanted to drop by to let you know that I have nominated you for The Blogger Recognition Award. I have always looked up to your blog. I love that you blog about Fertility, as do I. It’s hard to find bloggers who share their experiences and any knowledge that they’re learned along the hard road of infertility. I’m always finding your stuff on Pinterest! You are working quite hard 🙂 With that being said, if you’d like to check out the award, it’s on my post at
    Keep working hard lady! It sure shows <3

  • Aawww thank you so much. I am honored. I will check it out. 😊

  • Fiction: The End of Miracles is a praised psychological novel about a woman’s journey through infertility and miscarriage. It is an International Book Awards 2016 Finalist, recommended by the American Library Association’s Booklilst, and has a reader rating of 4.7/5 on Amazon. I am the psychiatrist novelist who wrote it, to not only provide reading pleasure but also educate the public about the suffering and grief expeienced by those affected by infertility and miscarriage.

  • Thank you for sharing 😊

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